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"Solving the Youth Crisis" feat. Derrick Townsend of Hopeful Change, LLC

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Real solutions being led by the guardians of our community who have learned by wisdom, circumstance and experience the ways to authentically connect with the youth and foster the relationships that will truly transform major areas of crisis on the future leadership of our community. Derrick Townsend is the CEO/President of Hopeful Change, LLC in which he facilitates and oversees several programs to include summer camps, sports camps, STEM/STEAM camps, educational and enrichment programs, music, and creative arts programs. Hopeful Change, LLC also offers full-service counseling and therapeutic services. Derrick has over 20 years of experience working with inner-city, at-risk youth via community outreach, development, and programming. After several years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, Derrick felt compelled to develop a strong, effective, and reliable mentoring and mental health program to assist and address the socioemotional and socioeconomic disparities of inner-city youth. At Hopeful Change, LLC our mission is to provide services that encourage and support healthy growth and development. We recognize the key to helping one attain a more productive and rewarding life is to empower them with the skills, knowledge, and motivation necessary to help him/herself. Their vision is for all to have the freedom to grow and evolve in a community that recognizes and supports the importance of individuality. Hopeful Change, LLC is proud and blessed to have worked with over 7,000 youth and their families throughout the United States. Website The Value in Mentoring our Youth Benefits of Mentor Programs

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