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Learning to Live with the Pain of Losing a Child

It's been said no parent should have to bury their child. Unfortunately for Denise Wright and her family that fear became a reality June 16, 2016 when God called her son Devin O'Neal Wright home at the precious age of 24 yrs old. Life after losing a child seems almost unbearable, then another hit when you receive the Autopsy report and it reads "Undetermined". Listen as Denise shares her story of living with the pain after her loss. There is no timeline on grief and although the pain will never subside, after time you learn how to live with it and still find joy. Also, in this episode you will hear how our very own Frankie & Tiffany Glenn can relate to Denise as they share some of their story about their loss of their child Hollis Lawson Glenn. To any parent out there who lost a child whether they were stillborn, in a accident, sick, or simply didn't wake up please know you are not alone and everyone's grief looks different. This episode is dedicated to Devin O'Neal Wright & Hollis Lawson Glenn, you both are missed by all your loved ones. Top 10 Loss of Child Grief

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