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"Aging In Place" : Elder Adults Aging at Home ft. Occupational Therapist Phaedra Mashburn-Olomo

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Responsible for the care of aging and elderly adults in your family? From structural considerations, to costs, to consultations for CNA's and caregivers, rules, laws and regulations, this episode is a wake up call to any of us with who assume or will assume the responsibility for the life quality of of an aging family member in the home. Phaedra's bio: Meet Phaedra Mashburn-Olomo, Occupational Therapist and owner of "The Neighborhood OT", specializing in healthy aging/ aging-in-place for older adults. I received my B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Florida A&M University in 2003, and my M.S. in Healthcare Administration from Utica College in 2018. In addition to being a licensed registered Occupational Therapist, I am also a Certified Case Manager, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Bringing 18 years of professional practice throughout the healthcare continuum, I understand the impact of habits, disability, and access on the prevention and management of chronic illnesses and self-care performance. Although I’ve worked across many different settings during my career, older adults have always been my favorite. I am, after all, a “Grandma’s girl”, and often accompanied my grandmother and great aunt during weekly outings where they visited the “sick and shut-in” members of our church. It was undeniably one of the most influential experiences of my childhood that would lead me to occupational therapy. I also experienced a brief encounter with caregiver burnout as a teenager, while helping my mother care for a close family friend with multiple sclerosis. These early experiences greatly influenced my perspective as a service provider, and empathy for family caregivers. Once I experienced treating patients in their homes as a home health clinician, I realized that the home environment, when safe and appropriate, is the best place for our older adults. "The Neighborhood OT" was created to provide older adults and family caregivers in our community with the education, skills, interventions, and training needed to safely remain in their homes as they age, as safely as possible, for as long as possible. For more information on TRUTH: NO CHASER, including booking information, updates, photos, videos and apparel please visit:

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